Opal Guides for v1.6.dev

These guides are designed to make you immediately productive with Opal, and to help you understand how all of the pieces fit together.

The guides for earlier releases are available here.

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Getting Started with Opal

Everything you need to know to install Opal and create your first application.

Using JavaScript Features from Ruby


Learn more about JavaScript async/await support in Opal and how you can use it to avoid explicit callbacks and promises.


How to interact and leverage the power of JavaScript promises from Ruby.

Source Maps

How to enable and consume source-maps for your Opal application and be able to debug your Ruby scripts right inside the browser.

Using Ruby Features

Working with ERB and Haml Templates

How to work with template libraries in Opal, be it to share the templates with the server or to write your own.

Working with Frameworks


How to use opal-rails to use Opal as the JavaScript compiler.

Static Applications

The most basic setup for a static Opal powered website that can be hosted anywhere.


Serve Opal applications through Sinatra and opal-sprockets.

Roda + Sprockets

Setup Roda + Sprockets to start serving Opal applications from Roda.

Interacting with Other Libraries


This guide covers the opal-jquery wrapper around the popular library.


Write specs for your Opal code RSpec and run them on Node.js or in a browser.

Using Sprockets

Configure the long-lasting asset handler to work with Opal.

Digging Deeper

Configuring Gems

How to make your gem work in Opal and differentiate code for the JavaScript environment.


A very general overview of how the Opal compiler works.

Compiled Ruby

This guide documents how each part of Ruby is mapped to JavaScript internally.

Compiler File Loading Directives

The Opal compiler supports some special directives that can optimize or enhance the output of compiled Ruby code to suit the Ruby environment.

Using the Opal parser inside a JavaScript environment

This guide documents how to parse and run Ruby scripts within a browser or any supported JavaScript environment


(WIP) How to handle encoding within Opal in the browser and in the code.

Running code in a Headless Chrome

How to run your Opal application in a headless Chrome from the CLI instead of Node.js.

Unsupported Features

Some things that are very difficult, impossible, or outright incompatible with a JavaScript environment.


Upgrading Opal

This guide provides steps to be followed when you upgrade your applications to a newer version of Opal.

Releasing Instructions

(WIP) A step-by-step guide on who to release a new version of Opal.